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36,000 sq. ft. of heated and sprinkled warehouse space


Inventory and project management and reporting capabilities


A dedicated staff with over 75 years of combined service to the distribution and logistics business.

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Specialty Warehouse Local Storage

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Our Storage Services

General Storage

Specialty can warehouse products for many types of industry including Consumer, Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Cosmetic, Electronics, Retail, Industrial and Automotive. We manage overflow storage for nearby manufacturing plants as well as direct distribution to their customers. All storage is handled with great care for long-term, short-term and/or distribution.

Food Storage

Specialty Warehouse Ltd. takes great care in handling packaged food commodities, storing in dry and protect from freeze conditions.
All food items are stored and handled in strict accordance with state, local and federal regulations

Chemical Storage

Specialty specializes in warehouse storage and handling of packaged chemicals, including Red Label. Our commitment to safe and compliant storage & distribution ensures that we pursue our customers Responsible Care initiatives. We are an industry leader in keeping our customers in total compliance with all local, state and federal regulations. All chemical storage is kept and segregated from all other materials that are handled.

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